Posted by David Parker

1. CONGRATULATIONS to our COMMUNITY!!!  For the second year running we’ve won “Best Musical Entry” in Sedona’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade!  And BETTER THAN THAT is the fact that we had new folks join us for the first time at our Gathering as a result!  WAY TO GO!!!

2. EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE on the MESA (6:30AM Easter Morning)  Once again, SummitLIFE has been invited to provide the music for Sedona’s Easter Sunrise Service on the Mesa!  Join us for the 6:30AM Sunrise Service on Airport Mesa, 9:30AM Breakfast at WSS, & 10AM Gathering!

3. +ONE Challenge  Do you know the #1 reason foks don’t go to church?  They’ve never been invited!  Take the +ONE Challenge and start considering today what one person (or TEN PEOPLE) you’re going to invite to Summit’s Easter Gathering!  It’s as simple as +ONE!!!

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