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Now that we’re meeting in person, we’re excited to see you as long as you feel healthy and are not at high risk for infection. Otherwise, please join us live online!

Masks are required. If you can’t wear a mask for some reason, please feel free to join us and do what you can to consistently maintain the social distancing guideline of 6 ft.

Also, we ask that you not congregate near the entrance and leave two seats between your group and any other groups seated in a row.

SummitLIFE is ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY, but the following things that are normally such an important part of our gatherings are TEMPORARILY suspended:

  • Hugs and Handshakes
  • Coffee and Snacks
  • Community Time (aka Meet and Greet)
  • KidsLIFE
  • Our cushioned chairs (Plastic sanitizes SO easily)

For those who prefer in-person giving, the Giving Bucket and envelopes will be available. It’s BYOP (Bring Your Own Pen)!

We’ve missed our SummitLIFE community and our guests. WELCOME BACK!