Not a Fan – Week Three

February 21, 2016


Intimacy: a close and familiar, loving relationship.

It’s difficult to comprehend how intimately God knows us, and fascinating when we try.

No matter how deep or dark life’s circumstance becomes, God provides the ladder out and a light to guide the way.  So why don’t we take the ladder?!  Is it pride?  Are we so busy searching for our own way that we don’t acknowledge the ladder, or the light, right in front of us?

The light could be other people in our lives.  It could be yet another opportunity to walk with God.

In week three of our Not a Fan series, Scott Holverson again asks, “are you a fan or a follower?”

Fans choose knowledge. Followers embrace intimacy.  Will you listen?  Will you choose intimacy?

Bible References

  • Psalm 139:1 - 4
  • Psalm 19:1 - 2
  • Romans 1:19 - 25
  • Romans 3:23 - 25
  • 1 Corinthians 2:1 - 5



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