JOIN US as we welcome the Community of Sedona into Community with God, one LIFE at a time!  9:30AM every Sunday at West Sedona School.

Current Series: FOUND FAVOR

Some people have all the luck. Ever look at those people and wonder how they lead such a charmed life? Is it just God playing favorites? Maybe there’s more going on than meets the eye. Let’s explore what’s happening when things go our way — and when they don’t — in Found Favor.

SummitLIFE Super Bowl Party this Sunday, February 3rd at 3:30pm!!

Current Series: RED LETTER DAY

Bloody, beaten, and nailed to a cross, Jesus looked at those around Him and spoke His final words as a man. What did he say? Join us as we relive Jesus’ final hours in this series named for the Red Letters of the Bible—the Words of Jesus—and prepare to celebrate His ultimate victory.

Where you’re welcome to BELONG before you BELIEVE. . . and you won’t BELIEVE who you’ll BECOME!

When you visit SummitLIFE, you can anticipate roughly an hour’s worth of music, video, teaching, laughter, and CRaZinEsS . . . honestly, you never know exactly what to expect! It’s all designed to help us better live in community with God, One Another, and Others who don’t know God yet—and if that’s YOU, that’s OK! After all, you’re welcome to belong before you believe . . . and you won’t believe who you’ll become!

"I must say, this is how church should be today."

“You are made to feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. No dress code. Jeans are more than welcome. Their gospel through music is awesome.”

~ E. Fritz

"If you've not yet been to SummitLIFE, you definitely need to check it out! "

“Caring people, friendly atmosphere, relevant teachings, great music, and hey… snacks, coffee, tea! One never knows what’ll happen next!”

~ Carla Darin

"What a wonderful feeling!"

“You can feel the good vibrations and it lasts!”

~ Joni Evans


Join us Sundays at West Sedona School  ·  10am Gathering & KidsLIFE
570 Posse Ground Rd Sedona, AZ 86336 (Click for Map/Directions)